Welcome to our saving tips page!

We all are being affected by the economic crisis; there are many people without jobs, people that can’t meet their basic needs, hungry people and hungry children that we can’t ignore.

We are trapped inside this new economy, and we have to find ways to survive the new economy conditions and learn different ways to cope and move on.
In an effort to help our families, clients, guests and website visitors we have created this page with some tips that we hope help you save every day.

Saving tips:


Use manufacturing coupons, store coupons and stores and supermarket sales promotions to save on every purchase.
Many people that used to refuse to use paper coupons are using them to help them reduce the cost of their purchases and grocery bills. In order to get greater savings combine manufacturer’s coupons with store or supermarket coupons and store sales paper.

As seen on TLC’s Extreme Couponing program, there are ways to save big on everything you need to purchase and many people are using coupons as the new saving hobby, many people are doing it for the saving and also for the satisfaction they get every time they save hundreds from their purchases.

You can collect coupons from the Sunday newspapers, from magazines, from mail insert; you can print them from manufacturer’s websites, and from coupon exchange programs.

Where to get manufacturer’s coupons?

Try visiting their own websites, sign up for printable coupons or sign up to receive coupons by mail!